At superOrange we love having fun and cosplaying! The mascots on this page are here as references for you to draw / write about / cosplay!!! (as a note, any commercial usage of these characters MUST be approved first)

Mascot basics:
Captain is the main character, Empress is her “best friend”, Admiral is her unreliable mentor & father figure.

They belong to a military unit (Orange Empire?). NO RACE IS SPECIFIED!

Each mascot has their own mark/logo and should be draw/cosplayed with their logo mark.


Shy and reserved, has permanent RBF but is actually kind and gentle. LOVES TO DANCE AND GO TO PARTIES. Loves candy and sweet things. Loyal to her unit (and all [oranges]). Loves her body and showing it off, but is NOT a sexual character. Tends toward ACE. Uses sass and sarcasm to cover over her shyness.



He is the mentor character and has lots of life experience. He is also generally unreliable. He lost his love and just never recovered. Even though he is technically the leader, the Captain makes most of the decisions. Both Captain and Empress were there for his loss. Captain and Empress protect him fiercely because they know he's fragile. In turn he makes them breakfast and always has the best advice.


She is energetic and type A, outgoing and loud. She's a hentai princess and is all about that life. Very quick to anger! She is fiercely loyal to Captain and draws her energy from their romantic relationship.